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Jean Claude received his first land grant in Hancock County in 1767 for his service to the British government of West Florida.

Favre was probably responsible for attracting several other prominent Mobilians to the East Pearl River soon after the Spanish conquered West Florida from the British in 1782.

Among his major tasks was interacting with the Choctaw nation who were both apprehensive and confused by the transition from French to British sovereignty.

D’Abbadie had been charged with the obligation to devote “the greatest attention to maintain good relations with the [Indian] tribes and to avoid the problems which a change of domination could occasion.” (D’Abbadie’s Journal :87).

As they were preparing to relinquish their colonial territories, French diplomats were concerned about the Indians for two reasons.

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One surviving Spanish land deed dating from 1788, however, contains a comment to the effect that a M.

Spain immediately traded to Britain the Province of Florida and all the country to the east and south-east of the Mississippi in order to recover Havana which the British and American colonial forces had captured in 1762.

In this way, Spain regained the city that formed the core of Spanish colonial power in North America and Britain began its dominion over West Florida, including the East Pearl River.

Jean Claude’s son, Simon Favre, was a prominent citizen of Mobile and Hancock County.

Like his father and grandfather, Simon was an able translator and interpreter of Muskhogean language and played a significant role during the transition of the area from Spanish control to the dominion of the United States. In that capacity he approved numerous land grants along the East Pearl the records of which shed light on local geography and toponymy.

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